PLDT buys Sun Cellular Digitel at P74.1B

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

THE BOARD of directors of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) and Gokongwei-led JG Summit Holdings, Inc. approved on Tuesday the acquisition by PLDT of a stake in Digital Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. which owns the Sun Cellular mobile phone brand.

Hope that PLDT implements the same simple loading that SUN has where the customer load is not charged everytime you send a load text which is so annoying in the SMART loading system for broadband.  What the heck we want a simple loading setup not like the complicated ever changing SMART setup and where they charge for every load text how annoying.

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PHILIPPINES Mobile 3G is now cheaper than DSL!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Via Yugatech blog:  Let’s look at how much a 1Mbps to 3Mbps residential DSL costs nowadays:
PLDT myDSL 2Mbps: Php1,995 (DSL only)
Globe Broadband 2Mbps: Php1,995 (DSL w/ free Landline)
Bayan DSL 1.5Mbps: Php1,699
Sky Broadband 2Mbps: Php1,999
The sky broadband speed listed above is for non-skycable subscriber, if you are a skycable user, it is 3Mbps..

Now let’s look at a rundown of unlimited mobile 3G by the networks and see if the prices are cheaper or not:
Sun Wireless Broadband 2Mbps – Php799
SmartBro Plug-It 2Mbps – Php999
Globe Tattoo 2Mbps – Php1,200

Comments in Yugatech blog

Well, it is true that they are cheaper but if you put in reliability and consistency into the mix, I’d still pay for a fix line.  It is very inconsistent and not as reliable as a wired connection. There’s lot of capping policies even though Telcos do not admit this directly to its customers.  ..........been using both a wired and wireless DSL and I should say that my wired one never fails as often and gives a consistent connection.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1.  How to configure ordinary Sun or Globe or Smart sim to Sun or Globe or Smart internet sim?
2.  Unlocked E160 Settings for SUN, SMART, GLOBE to enter in your unlocked USB
3.  Share your USB with your whole house ROUTER
4.  Get a external antenna for your USB Smart, Globe or SUN plug it
6.  Globe tattoo unlocked, SUN USN unlocked, SMART BRO plug it unlocked

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Comparing Globe Tattoo, SmartBro and Sun Broadband Wireless

Sunday, November 29, 2009

From Tonycruz website link follows below.    More and more Filipinos have again gone wireless to connect to the internet. Recently, the three major wireless telcos have pushed down the cost of their wireless broadband modems or dongles to as low as P888 in a common effort to outsell competitors. The competition has gone so fierce that rivals Smart and Globe have come out with ads claiming their respective wireless broadband service is faster. Curiously, both did not include Sun in their ads.  Read an up to date review of the three services, speeds, cost comparison at this bloggers site  (although he did not include the new P2000 unlimited plan from Globe and Globe & Smart offer of P20 a day for surfing  certain social sites or the new unlimited Blackberry surfing from SMART daily rate or the SMART BRO Share it at P999 a month. )   Read his comparisons and excellent chart  here  but you will have to highlight the site as its hard to read in brown
The blogger writes Globe and Smart are apparently still stingy in offering and approving applications for postpaid Globe Tattoo and SmartBro accounts. Sun Cellular has taken advantage of this by offering the widest choices for postpaid subscribers.
But SUN has made available an Easy Broadband 799 Plan which requires only the submission of one ID and the advanced payment of two monthly service fees, and without any contract. Those already with a modem or dongle can also avail of the SBW 799 SIM Only Plan – again without a long list of requirements and with a short contract of just six months.

Your Sun Broadband Prepaid just got unlimited! ALLDAY SURFING P50

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

 Now, Internet users have more reasons to stay online all day and all night. Sun Broadband Prepaid’s latest treat is 1 DAY UNLIMITED INTERNET for only P50!

The Sun Broadband Wireless P50 (USE THIS CODE AT THE E RETAILER TO LOAD SBW50) 1-DAY UNLIMITED load comes both in scratch card or via Xpressload, allowing Sun Broadband prepaid subscribers to stay connected for 24 continuous hours!

Using your Sun Broadband modem’s interface, just key in LOAD followed by the 9-digit data card number and the 5-digit PIN found at the back of the card, (LOAD 123456789 12345), then send to 2225. After successfully loading, you will receive a text message indicating expiry date/time of your load.

Now there’s more good news! Your other Sun Broadband Wireless loads now have DOUBLED its hours.  Your SBW100 load now has 12 full hours valid for 4 days; and SBW300 load now gives you 48 hours of surfing with 10 days validity.

And it doesn’t stop there. Now even Sun Regular Prepaid subscribers can use these SBW special loads for mobile Internet access nationwide!  Just follow the instructions at the back of the card and you’re ready to surf!  So whether you’re browsing on your laptop with your Sun Broadband modem or on your mobile phone with a Sun Regular Prepaid SIM, you can get more hours of Internet with our Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid loads!

Visit The Sun Shop or call the hotline at (02) 395-3333 using your landline or 333 from your Sun mobile phone.  Also available at Sun accredited dealers or retailers.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Today Sun announced in ads in Philippine newspapers that they are now selling their SUN BROADBAND USB KIT NOW P888 with one day unlimited iinternet. Offer valid November 14 to December 31

Sun 1 day unlimited internet for only 50 pesos Internet sim now only 50 pesos with 5 hours free  Sun in their ads today announced 50 pesos only promo for unlimited internet for one day.  The person who loads your load should use code SBW50.  Sadly they have only major coverage in Manila metro area at the present.  They also announced today that their SUN internet sim by itself is only nowP50 with 5 hours free surfing in your phone or in USB.


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